Stonehaven Farm offers lease options on selected school horses and ponies as well as selected boarder horses and sale horses and ponies.


These programs will allow riders who do not own their own horses to enjoy some of the benefits without the huge expense of purchasing, boarding and care. Riders leasing will be allowed first choice on their leased horse during horse shows and during their regular scheduled lessons. We cannot guarantee leased horse for make-ups. The non-lesson rides included can be used to increase and strengthen the riderís equitation skills, or just have fun riding the trails and property with some of our boarders.

Due to the smaller stature of our school horses, we have a rider weight limit of 195 pounds.

Lease Options:

Please review the Lease Agreements below to learn more about the different lease options available for school horses and boarder and sale horses.

  • Printable School Horse Lease Agreement Form
  • Printable Boarder and Sale Horse Lease Agreement Form

Regulations of Leasing:

Only the rider leasing may ride the horse leased unless authorized by lease management.


Jumping is not permitted at anytime unless you are in a lesson.

Riders under l8 years old must have guardian present during non-lesson rides, or permission to ride without.

Proper grooming, warm-up, cool down, and care of horses will be the responsibility of the rider.

Rider neglecting or abusing regulations or our horses will forfeit riding privileges without refund.

Riding time must be scheduled in advance and changes can only by made after authorization.

All riding must be completed in the month leased, no refunds, or make-ups outside the lease month. If you cannot make up a lesson it may be substituted with a non lesson ride after authorization.

All payments are due the 1st of each month regardless of actual lease dates. A lease commitment must be a minimum of 6 months. 30 days notice to cancel a lease must be given.

If cancellation is made prior to the end of the 6 month lease, the Lease Value will be calculated for the time actually leased.